Work With Me

Writing Coaching

$85 a week (3 month packages)

What will coaching do for you?

  • Receive a 30 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your project and discover if we’re a good match.
  • Clarify your writing project and uncover why writing is important to you.
  • Get twice monthly coaching calls to stay accountable to your writing goals.
  • Design manageable yet meaningful actions to support the achieving of your goal.
  • Dismantle blocks and fears that stop you from writing.
  • Complete personalised creative tasks designed just for you to support your success as a writer.

To book a consultation, please email me at:

Small manuscript critiques


1st five pages: A detailed critique of the 1st five pages of your manuscript, includes overall feedback and in-document comments. ($30)

1st Chapter: A detailed critique of the 1st chapter of your manuscript (up to 15 double spaced pages), includes overall feedback and in-document comments. ($50)

1st 50 pages: A detailed critiques of the 1st 50 pages of your manuscript includes overall feedback and in-document comments. ($100)

Full manuscript critiques

$5-$15 per 1000 words

Reader Report: After reading your full manuscript, you will receive an edit letter that contains general feedback and outlines the story’s strengths/weaknesses and makes revisions suggestions. ($5 per 1000 words)

In Depth Full Critique: After reading your full manuscript, you will receive an edit letter that contains general feedback and outlines the story’s strengths/weaknesses and makes revision suggestions as well as line edits and in-document comments. ($15 per 1000 words)

Copyediting and Proofreading


If you are interested in having your manuscript copyedited or proofread, please contact me directly:

Please note: Traditional publishers conduct their editing in-house. My copyediting and proofreading services are directed towards self-published authors.


Payment Policy: Services under $100 must be paid in full up front in order to secure booking. A 50% deposit may be used as a downpayment to secure bookings for all services $100 or over. The final 50% must be paid upon completion of the service in order to receive the final product. All payments are only accepted through PayPal. An invoice will be sent via email for each booked service.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. For smaller critiques, your payment is refundable up until the day I start working on it. After that, it is nonrefundable. For full manuscripts, your money is fully refundable as long as you cancel prior to two weeks in advance. If you cancel less than two weeks in advance, there is a 20% cancellation fee.

Do you offer sample critiques? Yes, I provide a 3-page sample edit for all full manuscript critiques so you can get a sense of my editing style.

What experience do you have? I have a Bachelor in Journalism (JCU), a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (USQ), a Masters of Professional Practice Creative Writing (USC), a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Critical Writing (USQ) and I am currently completing a Doctor of Creative Arts (USQ). My non-fiction articles have been published through ABC local, The Townsville Bulletin, The North-West Star, The CuspThe Huffington PostQueensland Writers Centre and The Artifice.  and my fiction has been published in October Hill Magazine and TEXT journal. I have self-published three novels under a pseudonym and I’m currently prepping my first crime novel for publication. ​

What’s your editing style? Honesty is the best policy, but my criticism will be kind and constructive. If issues are identified, suggestions will be made whenever possible. I will highlight your strengths as a writer and comment on the element that I enjoyed as a reader. I will be thorough and in-depth and do my best to give you direct and specific feedback.

What’s your turnaround time? It depends on the nature of the project, but I aim to complete full manuscript critiques in 2-3 weeks; small critiques within 1 week.

What format should my manuscript be in? Your manuscript must be a .docx file as I use Word and track changes when editing. Manuscripts must be formatted using Times New Roman, 12 point-type and double spaced.

Is there any category or genre you won’t edit? I don’t read erotica or books that heavily feature rape, torture, animal cruelty or violence to children.

**Note: Though I hope my services will help you improve your manuscript and your skills as a writer, hiring an editor is not a guarantee of representation, publication, or sales.**