Every Time He Dies - Tara EastEvery Time He Dies

Daphne Lawrence is haunted. Two years ago, her fiancée died in a terrible accident, her mother passed away from cancer and she stopped speaking to her father. As an embalmer, Daff is used to the company of dead people, but she isn’t used to them talking back. In fact, Daff isn’t used to anything that could be considered woo-woo including, but not limited to: psychics, crystal, meditation, tarot cards, vision quests and coincidences. Too bad that’s everything she’s experiencing.

Daff is forced to confront her own long ignored grief when she discovers a haunted watch buried in the sand at Golden Beach. The problem is, her ghost has no memory of his former life or how he died.

As Daff seeks to discover the spectre’s identity, dangerous truths and hidden secrets are revealed. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of an on-going homicide investigation led by Detective Sergeant Jon Lawrence, her father. A story about grief, time and identity, Every Time He Dies will leave you wondering whether our dearly beloveds ever really depart.


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When bell met bowieWhen Bell Met Bowie 

Bell knew Bowie. She knew his songs, his life and his mannerisms. She’d grown up dancing to his music, reading online interviews with him and emulating his evolving style. She saw his face in the mirror; heard his voice in her head.

The only thing she didn’t know about Bowie, was whether she’d ever get to call him Dad.


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