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Every Time He Dies

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Writing Practices/Routines/Advice

Developing Your Writing Voice
How to Make Writing a Physical Practise
How to Write a Strong Female Character
Avoid Saggy Middle and Nail Your Novel’s Ending
Writing a Book is Hard. Writing a Second Book is Weird.
How To Make Your Fiction More Interesting
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Keeping a Creative Journal
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How to Redraft Your Novel
How to Reduce Your Word Count
Five Weird Writing Tips
How to Increase Your Word Count
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How to Generate Story Ideas
Returning to a Project
The Bonuses of Working on Two Projects
Messing with the Routine
Writing From the Subconscious
Why Writers Need Other Writers
Writers Still Need to Talk to People
THE END. You Wish.
Architect vs Gardener

Writing Inspiration

Hosting a Writing Retreat at Home
How to Make Writing Fun Again
A Writer’s Checklist
Quiet Tension: An Alternative Approach to Narrative Drive
Tiny Tales: Why Small Projects Are So Important
Creating A Writing Tribe
Self-Care For Writers
The Permission To Write
How To Write A Manifesto
Being an Active Member in Your Writing Community
Writing And Music
A World Worth Writing For
The Walking Writer
Writing Inspiration and Resources
Slow Writing
How to Produce Art when the World is Falling Apart
How to Become a Better Writer
My First Writing Tag
How to Find Motivation for Writing
Death by Easy
Ten Things Writing Can Teach You
A Bit of Kindling for When You’re Feeling Burnt Out
Reaching Out for Easy When the Writing Gets Hard
The ‘Why’ Behind the Craft
Obsession, Coffee and a Hint of Anxiety
The Creator vs The Consumer


The Writers Interrogation List: Are Your Characters You?
The Writers Interrogation List: Daily vs Binge
The Writers Interrogation List: Larks vs Owls
The Writers Interrogation List: Penmonkey or Typist

Productivity and Time Management

Create a Killer Morning Routine
How to Write Without Writing
How to Use the 80/20 Rule to Get More Writing Done
The One Skill That Will Actually Help You Get Stuff Done
Is Social Media Killing Us?
How To Make Working From Home Work
Five Things That Will Derail Your Writing
Batching Your Tasks
The Downside to Being a Precrastinator
Desires vs Goals
Writing While Travelling
Some Thoughts on Burnout


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Guest Posts

Can You Separate the Art from the Artists: Lovecraft

Self-Publishing/Publishing/Author Platform

The New Model Of Self-Publishing
Book Launches: Why They Are Awesome and Why You Should Have One
How To Approach Your Local Media Outlets
How To Find The Right People To Review Your Book
The Seven Elements of Book Cover Design
The Professional Edit
How To Be A Consistent Content Creator
How to Make the Most of a Conference
Five Steps to a Successful Writing Career
How to Title Your Book
Pure Terror: Reflections on the Beta Reading Process


Writers Need to Read More
How to NOT Feel Guilt About Reading During the Day
The BEST Books I Read During 2019
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My Top Six Reads of 2018
Reading is an Intimate Experience
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Novels Are Anti-Culture
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‘Nobody Reads Anymore!’ Really?
Bookworm Conscience


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