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Today’s blog is very special as I am answering ALL your questions regarding my debut novel, Every Time He Dies.

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Now, on to your questions.

Q&A: Every Time He Dies 

 1 / What is the novel about?

Every Time He Dies is about a woman, Daphne, who finds a watch that is the same design as her deceased boyfriend’s only it is haunted by a ghost with amnesia. While trying to uncover the ghost’s identity, she becomes involved in her estranged father’s homicide investigation.

The novel’s core themes are grief, time, memory and family.

2/ What genre is it?

Speaking generally, I would describe it as a classic mystery novel, but to be super specific, I’d say it’s a soft-boiled crime novel with paranormal elements.

3 / Who’s the target audience?

Adults 18 years and over. This book is for anyone who loves mystery, crime or supernatural stories.

4 / What’s the setting?

Every Time He Dies is predominately set in Queensland, Australia. My protagonist lives on the Sunshine Coast, but her tale spans across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

5 / Can you tell us about the characters?

There are three central characters in this novel, but for the sake of simplicity, I will focus on Daff who is the primary protagonist.

Daff is a twenty-eight-year-old female living on the Sunshine Coast. She is scientifically minded, practical, literal, has a dry sense of humour and she loves gardening.

Daff was initially studying to become a forensic investigator, but then her life took a hard turn: her parents got a divorce, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and then her fiancé died in a tragic car accident.

What can I say, sometimes life sucks.

It was at this same time that she had a falling out with her father. Having cut all family ties, Daff lives her native Brisbane and moves to the Sunshine Coast where she becomes an apprentice embalmer at a funeral home. As the years pass, Daff buries her unhealed grief. The only thing Daff succeeded at is isolating herself.

One night, Daff is dragged along to a meditation circle by her best friend, Peta, and this, my dear friends, is where Daphne’s story truly begins.

6/ Comparison novels?

There are no comparisons. My novel is completely original and it is unlike anything else that has ever exist or will ever exist.

Okay, look. Maybe it’s not that original. 

I suppose you could say it’s similar to Lauren Beaukes’ Broken Monsters … but only because Lauren is an amazing writer and that book is awesome.

If you need a TV comparison, Every Time He Dies, is a mash-up of Sons of Anarchy, True-Detective and Bones with a dash of Ghost Whisper.

Basically, its got motorcycle gangs, moody cops, psychic badasses, a dry leading lady, and a ghost who is experiencing an identity crisis.

7 / Does it contain sex or violence?

There’s one kind-of kiss, but no sex. In terms of violence, I’d say it’s pretty low-grade. Put it this way, if you can watch Sons of Anarchy, True-Detective or Bones, you’ll be fine. However, it is a crime novel and there are two scenes where a character experiences sexual harassment, so if that is a trigger for you, consider yourself warned.

8 / When will it be published?

Tuesday, 5 November 2019.

Every Time He Dies will be available in paperback and ebook. I’m currently looking into audio too, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

9 / Will it be available for pre-sale?


Every Time He Dies will be available for pre-sale in September. Be sure to join my email list and to follow me on social media for the specific dates!

10 / Where can we learn more?

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