Oooooo look! Pretty Pictures!

Hi all!

So I thought I would post some sketches I have done lately. I am not sure what draws (hehe pun!) someone to pick up a sketch pad and a pencil when there are so many other things one could be doing; like meeting up with friends, baking muffins or watering the garden.

I don’t know what compels me to draw other than the simple fact that I enjoy it.

Drawing is completing different from writing.

I am present the whole time I am writing. Neurones and bring lights flash in my brain as the millions of writer monkeys squeal and bump around in that messy mess. The pencil though is different. It requires a quieter mind. If anything I am more present as the intense focus to get that shading right or the proportions accurate drowns out the endless blah blah blah.

So here’s to Zen, man. Take a looky, it’s nice in here. 

photo for Danielle Laporte 4 


photo for Danielle LaPorte





photo for Danielle LaPorte 2

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