Contradicting freak

All you do is contradict yourself.

Everyone I have ever met has held at least one set of contradicting values or interests. I have often found these contradictions fascinating, absurd and hilarious. We all have them. The vegan who eats bacon on Sundays, the yogi who frequently drops f-bombs, or the metal fan that is a gifted watercolour artist.


Perhaps these multi-passionate interests are the results of being constantly connection and having access to…well….just about anything. Thanks to the rise of industry, the work force and technology, we take in more information in one day than an individual in the 1800s consumed in an entire year!

 Just ponder that for a second!


 With this ridiculous amount of access to information and personal freedom, we don’t really have to choose anymore. Of course you can instruct hip-hop classes before going home to write your historical fiction novel. Of course you can work at a 4 star Michelin restaurant while bravely maintain that vegemite cheese sandwiches are the best kind of cheese sandwiches – ever. These days you can totally have your organic gluten free sticky bun, and eat it too. But do these contradiction represent a lack of self-awareness?

 Heck no!


 If anything we are becoming more authentic as a result of our contradicting, multi-passionate ways. How boring would we be if we were totally singular in our values and interests? No variation. No contradiction. No friction. No grey. All black and white. Embrace the contradiction I say, you big freak.

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