Stinkin’ sinkin’

Tara Moss was 23 when she started writing her first novel Fetish. Stephen King was 27 when Carrie was published. Gloria Steinem became the figurehead of the feminist revolution at just 26 year olds, and Martin Luther King Jr. was 34 when he delivered his infamous speech.

 It took me 5 days to unclog my bathroom sink.

 A clearly mountainous task – that took less than 20 seconds to climb. So why didn’t I right this domestic wrong sooner?

 Procrastination, it seems, is the last form of rebellion.

 With the rise of mining and related trades, students can now walk out of high school and into jobs that pay over $100 000 per annum. With a little cash in the bank, we can then go on to get our first homeowners loan.

 Want a car? No dramas, you can have it! A second car? Sure no problems Doc! Hey why don’t you throw a few kids and a dog into the mix? The skies the limit buddy. No need to think about media control or political corruption. Don’ worry about were your taxes are really going or the fact that we want to monitor your Internet usage. Hell, don’t even stop to question whether or not you even want to own a house, two cars, 2.5 kids and a dog. Just do it.

 Are we just too fucking comfortable?

 I’m not saying that first world countries don’t have problems however; we are living pretty comfortable lives aren’t we? While civil rights remain a hot topic (eg. gay marriage), inequality still exists (eg. men continue to be paid more than women), and unemployment rates are increasing alongside our home loans, most of us are still able to go home every night, eat dinner, watch bad TV and fall sleep knowing you are relatively safe.

The truth is that any individual can create the life of their dreams if they are willing to work for it. But, without some friction, some political suppression or physical harm – do we become too complacent?

I could still use the sink, after all.

 If a situation only makes us slightly uncomfortable, do we just accept the status quo? The dirty water will go down the drain eventually, even if it takes a little longer then we would like. When there is no external force to push against out there, does that only leave us with our internal desires?

 Why live when you can just be comfortable?

 Most people probably thing that they want to feel free. That they have actively chosen, and participated in the building of their lives. But what most people want, is the freedom to live comfortable, perhaps numb, lives.

 You can chose to leave the sink clogged up, becoming another monkey in the system, or you can get the plunger, clear out the gunk and start a new. So what do you want?


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