Looky looky! My friend made a tarot card deck!

Get on that turban and wipe clean that crystal ball folks, cos things on Radical Writing are about to get mystical. Today, I am celebrating the launch of My First Tarot deck, a simply splendid spread and tarot card deck crafted by my friend Eleanor Hammond.

If for some reason you’ve never found yourself in a psychic’s saloon – and I am baffled as to how you discovered this blog – then here’s a brief re-cap. Tarot card readings have been around since the dawn of time. **checks notes** Or as Wikipedia says, “the mid-18th century.” Hailing from Europe, a deck consists of 78 cards: each with a unique meaning intended to provide guidance and advice to us; wondering, wet, penniless humans.

Now you guys, come closer. Come on, a bit closer please – ok stop! There’s something I need to tell you. I once had a regular gig as a Tarot card reader for a local market. Yup. It’s true. My trestle table was weighed down with fat crystal, fresh flowers and at least ten different Tarot card decks.

Let’s hit the pause button for a minute. **Bleep**

Eleanor wanted to make a Tarot card deck so badly that she decided to self-publish.

That means cash up front, pal!

That means no guarantees baby.

It means going with your guts, doing somethin’ cos ya wanna.

So she did.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Her decks sold my friend. Her Facebook numbers increased. Her bookings increased. Local stores started to stock her product and she received a personal invitation from Digby Bertram (Avalon Trading) to pop on over to the old USA. Bopping around the International New Age Trade Show (Denver, Colorado), Eleanor bumped into a charming chap called Chris – from Schiffer. And the rest my friends, is what I call luck history.  That’s the deck I am talking about in this blog, Eleanor’s new and improved extra magical re-release. Fully realised, fully legitimised baby.

Now back to the story. **Bleep**

Before starting a reading, I would always ask the client to pick a deck. Frequently, nay insistently, people would point at a particular stack of warm yellow cards, the back dusted with stars: My First Tarot Deck.

When I was learning the cards, I found memorising the traditional meanings straight forward, but that’s not how readings work. Once the reader pulls the cards, she/he/warlock must lay the cards down in a “spread.” Each position has its own meaning and it influences the meaning of the card.

“Woah babe! The fairies never told me I was gonna have to like, jigsaw puzzle my guidance together.”

You don’t have too!

That’s the beauty of My First Tarot Deck. All the hard work has been done for you. No thinking. No interrupting.

My First Tarot Card deck comes with a little mat divided into eight sections, illustrating how to lay out your spread and what each position represents.


Every card is also divided up into eight sections. Each segment contains a mini interpretation of that cards meaning when it appears in a particular position in the layout.

(The images will be bigger on blog)


All 78 cards were hand drawn by Eleanor, many in the wee hours of the morning. (She ain’t afraid of monk hours). And the images are stunning you guys. There’s something about this deck, there’s a reason why clients frequently, nay, insistently, plucked it up from my reading table.

People wander into psychic parlours for a variety of reasons, but the core driving force is a need to know that everything’s going to be ok. That’s the beauty of My First Tarot deck. Its a modern interpretation of old wisdom, delivered with equal parts gusto, gentleness and great affection.

If you would like to purchase a deck, please place your pre-order here! 




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