100 Blog Posts

I’m not sure how I missed this, but my most recent post was my 100th blog!

To celebrate reaching 100 writing advice posts, I’ve decided to curate my most popular blogs into one tidy post. You’re welcome.

Writing, revising and publishing these blogs every week has added so much value to my life. You would think that coming up with a new blog every week would be difficult, but when you know you “have” to post something, a new idea for a blog always appears.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 3.51.18 pm
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Thank you so much for following/reading/subscribing to my blog.

Your presence, time and attention mean so much to me. 


Interview Posts:

Interview with Kate Goldsworthy

Interview with Crime author Gregory James

Interview with Author Jay Ludowyke 

Writing Routines:

Writing and Music

Messing with the Routine

New Project = New Routine


Five Things that will Derail Your Writing

Batching Your Tasks

How to Produce Content Regularly

Writing Advice:

How to Title Your Book

Slow Writing

How to Redraft Your Novel

The Writers’ Interrogation List Series:

Are Your Characters You?

Daily vs Binge Writing

Lark vs Owl

Penmonkey vs Typist


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