Discover your writing type

What type of writer do you want to be?

What would your ideal writing career look like?

Maybe you’re not sure; maybe you’ve never been asked that question; maybe you’ve never asked yourself that question.

Below are three categories that most writers typically fall into. Of course, each of these categories is filled with its own subcategory, and the boundaries between them are porous which allows us to move between these different forms depending on the task at hand.

But if you’ve been toying with the idea of writing for some time, but you’re not sure exactly what you want to write about, the following post may help you.   

# 1 The personal writer

Motivation: Sharing and connection.

This writer prefers to write from personal experience. They are comfortable talking about the lessons they’ve learnt or are learning, sharing facets of their lives, and creating content from their own lived experience. They believe they have something to say and that others can benefit from their knowledge.

These writers enjoy creating …

  • Blogs inspired by or based on personal experiences.
  • Articles that document a lesson learned or a revelation.
  • Memoirs.

Think Glennon Doyle, Dani Shapiro, and Alexandra Franzen.

# 2 The researcher

Motivation: Inform and entertain.

This writer loves to bury themselves in books, article, and journals. They enjoy meeting people and conducting face-to-face interviews. For them, the work is not about their own lives or opinions (though these may filter into the work), but about what we can learn from others. They pride themselves on informing readers by sharing little known stories and/or important facts. They manipulate this external information into a different shape and publish it with the intention of moving, informing, entertaining, or inspiring their audience.

These writers enjoy creating …

  • Long form articles (print and online).
  • Podcasts.
  • Non-fiction books.
  • Fiction books.

Think Zadie Smith, Helen MacDonald, and Carmen Maria Machado.

# 3 The Creative Entrepenuer

Motivation: To help and inspire.

This writer thrives on variety. The enjoy tending to a multitude of tasks, writing for different audience, in different styles, and for different purposes. They have a mind for business and enjoy creating new meaningful content, solving problems, and inventing new processes and systems.

These writers enjoy creating …

  • Courses and workshops (digital and in-person).
  • Coaching programs (one-on-one or group).
  • Retreats.
  • On-going relationships with publishers and companies (i.e. a writer on retainer).

Think Elizabeth Gilbert, Caroline Donahue, and Joanna Penn.

So, what kind of writer are you? Do you fall neatly into one category, or do different aspects appeal to you? Share your responses in the comments below.

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