Fractured | Interview with Shayla Morgansen

This week’s video is a little different as I am interviewing my writing pal, Shayla Morgansen.

Shayla Morgansen is an editor, a lecturer in publishing studies and the author of YA urban fantasy series The Elm Stone Saga. A former teacher, she’s also completing a PhD in fanfiction studies and creative writing pedagogy.

We go deep into Shayla’s process as she share what she loves and loathes about writing, her greatest strength (and weakness), her passion for subverting YA trends, and what it feels like to be wrapping up a SIX BOOK series. She also shares the BEST analogy I’ve ever heard about the drafting process.

Basically, it’s just two gals talking shop. Enjoy.

To find out more about Shayla and the Elm Stone Saga, follow the links below.


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